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Angkor Wat  - May 1, 2019

Meet Baby Elephant’s new yoga teacher Rebeccah

Say hello to Baby Elephant’s brand new yoga teacher, Rebeccah Bartlett! After an extended break, regular yoga classes return at Baby Elephant on Wednesday 01 May, taught by yoga expert and experienced instructor Rebeccah of YOGA SPACE Siem Reap – and it’s more special, immersive and restorative than ever.

Join Rebeccah in our beautiful, breezy rooftop yoga space, looking out over the treetops that head towards mystical Angkor Wat, and with the perfect vantage point to catch the moonrise. Rebeccah teaches a fun, upbeat and approachable happy flow yoga class that’s suitable for all levels from total beginners to yogi experts, every Wednesday and Sunday at 5.45pm – 7pm. Classes cost $12 (please signup for a class with us ahead of time to avoid disappointment).

I did my first 200-hour yoga certification in 2006, and have been diving deep ever since. I love being a teacher, but I also always crave to learn more as a student. I spent a lot of time at Kriplau, an ashram in the USA, as well as at a few other schools. I’ve been working a lot on developing my understanding of Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga), anatomy, Kriya, and meditation.

I’ll be teaching…

Vinyasa, Kriya and Yin styles of yoga – all of these have a dynamic element to them, either in the physical or emotional bodies, which I love teaching. It’s so rewarding to see students have lightbulb moments that shift their direction and help them to feel like their more authentic selves. I like to infuse these shifts with elements of playfulness, which always helps to keep us flexible in our mind and body.

Before becoming a yoga teacher…

I was volunteering teaching health and hygiene in an impoverished school in Jaipur, India, and the students really needed to move. I had been taking some classes myself, and I decided to try to share what little bits I knew – and it was a blast! I took my first YTT directly after my volunteer time, and I have been teaching and returning to the school ever since.

If there’s one sentence that sums up my love for yoga, it’s this:

Love is love is love. It can look like many things but, when we flow, the path is open and all things are possible.

Yoga can be the perfect fit for travellers.

When you are traveling, you’re already a bit more open since you are pulled out of your usual routine – so sometimes there’s new space to explore not just beautiful scenery but also who we are. Touching base with yoga practice in sacred places around the globe can give this openness a new way of creating the adventure and taking it with you.

You’ll always remember that beautiful sunset and moonrise you saw from the yoga deck at Baby Elephant, overlooking the palm trees – and you’ll be able to carry that with you even when you’re in the downdog pose during an express lunch class on a winter day at home. Making memories and taking time to feel our bodies and breath is a way of preserving the adventures on a cellular level.

Come to my classes at Baby Elephant…

expecting a lot of fun and laughing! This BE Happy flow class in particular is an uber-approachable class for all levels, with a fun playlist to leave you feeling super-refreshed!

My plans for the future…

include expanding my retreat and training offerings. Right now I run Yogamour Global, and we have a lot of karma work spread through our retreats. I’d love to host more, and to connect more deeply with the type of adventurous people who are drawn towards service.

I am drawn to children…

and I believe strongly that we all need our formative years to be healthy and with safe space to grow. This is why I co-founded Yogamour Global, which provides clean water, free healthcare clinics and education, as well as some art and music training, for children living in marginalised areas in India, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Here’s why I love Siem Reap

Angkor Wat is amazing, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg here! Stay for the amazing community events and endless food, and you will be so satisfied you slowed down for this gem. There’s also so much art to see – be sure to check out the galleries!