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Blog Hotel News  - June 7, 2019

Baby Elephant Boutique adds sister property BE Happy Siem Reap

sBE Happy Siem Reap adds new dimension to baby elephant Boutique Hotel services


Baby Elephant has operated in Siem Reap since 2013. We recently entered TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame for consistently being in the Top 1% of hotels, not just in Siem Reap, but the world. We are now proud to announce the launch of BE Eco Happy Guesthouse, trading as BE Happy Siem Reap. The change will herald in a new era of exciting services and facilities for all guests. The expansion also directly expands our mission of creating sustainable, meaningful employment for our Cambodian staff members. 

Baby Elephant operated as a 25-room boutique hotel for more than two years after aquiring another property right next door. But now what was the 12-room West Wing is its own unique place called BE Happy Siem Reap. Previously home to the Budget Twin and Budget Double Rooms, these guest rooms will now be known as the BE Happy Double room and the BE Happy Twin room types. You can book them on the BE Happy website here. But we think you’ll be excited to learn how the change will benefit Baby Elephant guests.

As BE Happy is right next door to Baby Elephant, you’ll now have access to even more beautiful break out spaces. From the Meditation Zone, to the all-vegan Born Free Juicery. There is also a tropical outdoor garden lounge under the mango trees, complete with a permaculture water feature, there will also be events and added unique tours and day-long retreat programs. 

It also means that Baby Elephant will revert to being a spacious yet cosy 13-room premium boutique hotel with the same beautiful facilities, services and eco-friendly luxury we are acclaimed for (spa, excellent cocktail bar, saltwater swimming pool, spacious restaurant, yoga classes, organic farm and more!). 


Look hard in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and you’ll find there are very few rare French-style colonial buildings as unique as BE Eco Happy Guesthouse, trading as BE Happy. The gorgeous little property features 12 compact yet colourful rooms and is situated right next door to Baby Elephant. BE Happy is brimming with love and character. Lovingly restored and converted by the team who brought you the top-rated eco hotel Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel, BE Happy has been reborn as a cute yet affordable budget accommodation choice with a very special twist.

At the core of the BE Happy mission is happiness, an invitation to our guests to slow down and enjoy the amazing array of options for holidays that Cambodia provides. We want you to feel happy while you travel. So we offer an organic spa, the upcoming on-site Born Free Juicery, a beautiful tropical garden, tours and transport services,  and more. Included in your room rate are free organic room amenities, unlimited purified water refills, a free vegan breakfast, free bicycle rental (limited), and the option to eat your breakfast (also free) at Baby Elephant if you have a non-vegan diner in tow.

Why the name BE Happy? What is it about happiness?

“In our 4 years with Baby Elephant, we have found that a lot of people’s first impression of Cambodia is to be shocked by the poverty,” said co-founder Ilana Tulloch. “We want to help to turn this perception around. We would like to show people that there is a lot to learn from Cambodia, and that to help people, one of the simplest ways is just to enjoy a holiday here, supporting ethically-run small responsible businesses like Baby Elephant and its sister property BE Happy. You can feel happy knowing the people you’re helping are blossoming before you.”
Sabai means happy. It is one of the first words that you learn when you land in Cambodia. It underpins all facets of life here. From the everyday, to the sacred Buddhist philosophy and blessings done by monks at Angkor Wat, happiness is everywhere,” Ilana said.

“At Baby Elephant and BE Happy we are always developing new services to share that with you.”

About BE Happy Siem Reap

BE Happy Siem Reap is a small affordable guest house with 12 rooms in an old converted colonial French guest house, with a beautiful external facade, surrounded by tropical plants, outdoor lounge seating, and gardens. The rooms are small with combined toilet-and-shower Asian private bathrooms. BE Happy is off a quiet lane only about 10 minutes walk to town, you’ll enjoy the peaceful quiet while being close to everything. The hotel is situated just 7 kilometres from Angkor Wat, and 20 minutes from the airport.

How to book Your Room

Visit our website and book direct for the best deals. When you book direct, we don’t pay a commission and this helps us to invest even more into our team and also to expand our services and facilities. 


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