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Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel updates: Online yoga classes launch and we never ever give up

It’s now close to 18 months since WHO announced a global pandemic, and about the same amount of time that we’ve had no tourism. So how have we survived, and how can we continue to stay connected with you from afar? We have never given up hope, and we’re so grateful to all who have been by our side through this crisis.

Be one of our first online yoga students! 

Our latest pivot is through our community yoga studio Yoga Space Siem Reap. Yoga Space is offering unique interactive live online classes. Watch our launch video:

Check out the schedule, buy a class pass. All profits go to keeping Baby Elephant afloat until tourism returns, and 10% will contribute to our hunger drive as the pandemic financial crisis deepens.

[button link=”” color=”teal” newwindow=”yes”] Buy a class pass[/button]

It’s not just the borders that closed  

It’s not just the borders that closed, the huge roadworks project cut us off too! Siem Reap has been undergoing a big transformation, which has meant that at many times no one could reach our place. Here’s an example of how we problem-solved. We are slowly getting new roads, which is exciting. But it hasn’t been without a little bit of pain along the way!

Did someone say delivery? 

So many delivery orders! There are some new food delivery apps in Siem Reap, and we were amongst the first to get online. We also re-launched our sandwich shop Slam Dunk Sandwich Co, with its all-vegan approach proving popular with the vegan community living in Siem Reap.

Thank you Heartprint! 

Thanks to the Heartprint Foundation we are now able to offer our supporters tax-deductible gift recipient status. All funds raised have gone to staff salaries, keeping people employed through a 98% drop in tourism for 18 months. Big thank you to all who have helped to keep us afloat and continue to do so. We are still accepting tax-deductible donations through the Donorbox.

Covid pandemic updates

Cambodia is vaccinating citizens and expats with Sinopharm. While there is community Covid-19 transmission, our team has been fastidious about protecting themselves and our guests against the virus. So far not a single person in our community or workforce has been sick, and we hope to keep it that way. We look forward to welcoming you back safely, and in case you missed it, here’s our funny video about how we’ve managed the health and safety recommendations. 

What other things are we up to? 

  • Working with Mirage Design Studio on some interior design and signage updates to make sure the hotel looks fresh for return visitors
  • Working with Yoga Space on launching online yoga classes 
  • Working with Heartprint and hopefully one of their trainees coming to Sugar Spa
  • Provided a job for a Sugar Spa trainee from Friends International
  • Developed a cafe brand Born Free Juicery, thanks to our friends at Wickfield St Hair

Espresso Machine fundraiser

Thank you to Raylene at Wickfield St Hair for helping us purchase an espresso machine – a much-needed addition to our space in order to provide more training and more opportunities (and delicious coffee to our guests)! Read about the fundraiser here. If you are interested in working with us on a fundraiser, email

Here’s the fun video we made when we were helping Raylene with her amazing fundraising efforts:

GOOD GIFTS – Gift voucher updates 

We didn’t expect to still be here, 18 months later, still with no tourism! So for anyone who purchased a gift voucher last year, we are ADDING a year to your usage dates. Gift vouchers are still available via the good gifts portal and continue to help us in every way. Email if you’d like to check the status of your gift voucher balance.

What are the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel values? 

  • Green
  • Ethical
  • Creative
  • Happy!

Our hopes and dreams 

We hope tourist visas will start being issued in the last quarter of this year. We hope you are all safe and doing ok despite the challenges of the pandemic. We really miss you, and can’t wait to see you again. 

About Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

Social enterprise mission 

Your visit and engagement at Baby Elephant provide our staff with skills development and allows us to continue to provide ethical jobs and as many contract positions for drivers and other service providers. Please continue to support us as we are facing very difficult times.

At Baby Elephant, we are passionate travellers ourselves and we are committed to welcoming you. Whether you are planning to travel now or in the future, you can expect to receive the same excellent service and attention to detail that our guests have come to expect at Baby Elephant.

About the hotel

Little social venture Baby Elephant Group has welcomed guests to the Kingdom of Wonder as family for nearly 6 years. One year ago, COVID-19 closed borders, and everything changed overnight. With no safety net, the hotel is fighting to save the jobs of the Baby Elephant team, whose families have all lost their jobs and rely on them. With one income often needing to feed an extended family. Until tourism returns, we are asking for your support to sponsor our staff to empower us to survive and thrive.

We are still paying university fees, still providing ongoing training, support, meals, accommodation, food, healthcare, as things get tougher for families in Cambodia.

You can join the fight! Help by donating to our tax-deductible fundraiser to keep people working until tourism returns.