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Blog Wellness & Yoga  - April 7, 2017

Say hello to new Siem Reap yoga teacher Audrey

We’re delighted to welcome French yogi Audrey as our newest Siem Reap yoga teacher at Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel. Audrey joined us on 02 April, and is leading our regular yoga classes throughout April.

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Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel's new Siem Reap yoga teacher Audrey - photo by Audrey 

Audrey brings knowledge from her 200-hour multi-style yoga training  certification with the Yoga Alliance which she did in India. To help you get to know a little more about Audrey and her background in advance of your next class, we sat down with her for a chat.

What were you doing before becoming a yoga teacher?

I was teaching French and English.

What styles of yoga will you be teaching?

I’ll be teaching gentle Hatha yoga that focuses on individual postures, dynamic Ashtanga yoga that combines a set sequence of yoga poses with rhythmic breathing for an intense body-mind workout, and active, energetic Vinyasa yoga that focuses on the flow between movements and aims to link your breaths through different poses.

The Hatha yoga classes will be especially suitable for beginners, but my aim is to make all my classes accessible – everyone is welcome!

What one sentence sums up your love of yoga?

Yoga is my guide and my inspiration.

What can people expect from your classes?

In the Hatha yoga classes, we will work on both ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ postures, allowing you to re-centre yourself, recharge, and feel more grounded. These classes are designed to relax, replenish and revitalise, and are great for relaxing the mind, releasing tension in the body, toning the spine, and improving overall health.

Ashtanga yoga sessions are intended to build strength and tone the body, developing flexibility and rapidly improving your practice, increasing your stamina level and detoxifying. It can also help with weight loss and concentration. This is a more physical style of yoga, so come along expecting to sweat, challenge yourself mindfully, and feel energised!

Our Vinyasa yoga classes, will focus on improving your posture, releasing stress and tension, and feeling strong and focused. We’ll also develop your muscles and burn calories. This is a style of yoga that’s been developed to address the challenges of modern life – so be ready to move, unwind, stretch, strengthen, and simply let go!

What’s on your bucket list?

I’m living my dream! Right now I’m doing what I love, and sharing my passion with the people around me in a new country that I am getting to love more every day. I’m at a point in my life where all I want is to focus on the here and now.

What are your favourite plant, animal, colour and movie?

My favourite plant is the lotus flower, and my favourite animal is the black panther. I love orange and fuschia, and I’m a big fan of Clint Eastwood’s movies.

What is a cause you are passionate about?

I strongly believe in free education for all children.

Do you have a Siem Reap secret to share with the world?

To see the real Siem Reap, take your bike and go for a ride in the countryside!

What one skill should people practise every day?

I would recommend focusing on sun salutations for physical practice, and for mental benefits it’s worth practising the art of letting go. Of course, spiritually it’s always great to practise kindness towards others, yourself and all beings.

Anything you would like to add?


Take a look at our Siem Reap yoga schedule to find out when the next class is taking place.

Where to stay in Siem Reap

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