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Blog Wellness & Yoga  - February 20, 2017

Welcoming Siem Reap yoga teacher Shambhu for March residency

Our Siem Reap yoga teacher for March 2017 is Shambhu, whose name has been bestowed on him from one of his Indian teachers. Shambhu joins us from February 28 to teach at Baby Elephant, and brings knowledge from a teacher training 200hrs in Florence Italy and 500hrs in India. Originally from Lake Como, Italy, Shambhu joins our yoga community after a stint in Chiang Mai, Thailand learning the art of Thai massage. Before that, he was living in India, where he was focused on ancient styles of yoga practice. We’re really excited to welcome Shambhu to teach and share what he has learnt in his three years of dedicated practice. Below we’ve asked him a few questions for you to get to know him better!

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What were u doing before becoming a yoga teacher?

Namaste! Before becoming a yoga teacher I was working as a manager in the pharmaceutical field in Switzerland.

What is one sentence that sums up your love for yoga?

I completely changed my life to start the yoga path focusing totally on my inner self.

How can travellers benefit from yoga?

I’m a traveller “sadhaka”, and I’m experiencing everyday the mind and body benefits of the right yoga practice. Mind and body balanced are the two key factors to being a happy traveller!

What can people expect from your classes?

I work on the connection between mind and body. Traditional yoga helps in the full understanding of our inner-self. It is a gentle and comfortable yoga that will help with detoxification!

I’m always happy and ready to share my experience with all the people interested in this path.

I love yoga philosophy and I share it during my classes!

What’s on your “bucket list” – something you’ve always wanted to do?

A lot of things are on it! I want to travel the world and experience myself, for example. We are here on this planet to experience it, so let’s do it!

What’s your favourite plant/animal/colour/movie?

My favorite plants are palms; the animals are turtles, elephants and birds! My colour is green and my favorite movies are too many!

What can’t you wait to visit in Cambodia?

Cambodia has been at the top of my “places to visit” for years because of the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat and the incredible wildlife.

What is something you are focused on learning more about?

I’m concentrating a lot on mind tendencies. Questions I’m focusing on include the relationship between mind and ego. Especially how our mind reacts to the outside world, and why our mind takes over instead of letting our 5 senses works for us. Other questions focus on how we may overcome addictive thought patterns or unhappiness through mindfulness. For some of these questions I have found the answers through yoga and meditation, yet there are others I am still practicing and learning to combat. I strongly believe yoga practice holds the key to answering many of these questions!

What is a fun fact about you?

I left my previous job because of a turtle – it’s a long story that I look forward to sharing personally!

Anything else you would like to add?

I’m really passionate about tattoos! I can’t stay without having one for more than two months!

What is one skill do you think people should learn/ practice every day?


Welcome to the Siem Reap yoga community and to Baby Elephant, Shambhu!