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In the past 8 years, Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel has created more than 100 safe, empowered jobs.

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel has been instrumental in creating a positive social impact in the community it serves.

Over the past eight years, the hotel has successfully generated more than 100 safe and empowered jobs for individuals in need.

These jobs have provided local residents with opportunities for stable income and economic stability, improving their livelihoods.

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel has actively worked to empower its employees by offering fair wages, training, and career development opportunities.

The hotel offers a wide range of job roles, including front desk staff, housekeeping, kitchen staff, and other hospitality-related positions, providing employment options for individuals with different skill sets.

By prioritizing the hiring of local residents, the hotel has actively contributed to the growth and development of the community, fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel is committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive work environment, ensuring the well-being and security of its employees.

The hotel’s consistent job creation efforts over the past eight years demonstrate a long-term commitment to supporting the community and its workforce.

Cambodia is still a long way from rebounding from the effects of the pandemic, and here at Baby Elephant, we need you!

The good news is that any donations made to Baby Elephant via our auspicing partner Hair Aid Inc are TAX DEDUCTIBLE in Australia. It’s a great way to contribute to a good cause and also reduce your taxable income.

The Baby Elephant mission is to provide jobs in hospitality and tourism for the most vulnerable. This industry provides low barriers to entry. UNWTO data shows it employs not only the most people in the world, but the most women. 

At this moment in time, more than anything, Siem Reap needs jobs, especially in ethically-run businesses and social enterprises – jobs with people who care. Let’s make sure we can keep as many jobs as possible, bounce back, and get everyone back into work as soon as possible.


If you would like to assist with a monthly direct debit, you can choose the amount of your choosing, and we will put that towards keeping staff employed.

What’s next? Training. With more cashflow there are always more opportunities we can create. Our goal is to help people to break glass ceilings and to see our industry’s rising stars achieve their dreams. The stronger we are, the stronger our employees’ opportunities for future development will be. Our team is currently doing ChildSafe training to understand the dangers of human trafficking and abuse for children. This is just one of many initiatives needed to lift up outstanding Cambodians who just deserve a chance.

COVID-19 has hit Cambodia worse than most, but we have fought to keep people working. It has hit not just us but the entire country particularly hard. We are needing to invest and will need to buy our own road. That is the reality of being in Cambodia.


Thank you for caring. Thank you for helping. 

Cambodia and other developing nations are disproportionately affected by this. One of our drivers told us, “I have no money to feed the kids”. The overwhelming majority of people, though tell us they just need money. They will source their food, schooling, and healthcare if we provide them with income. 

As things get back to normal, make Cambodia the first place on your list to visit. Spend money here. Enjoy the amazing holiday culture that Siem Reap offers. Help families, and help everyone come back from abject poverty.

To sponsor a staff member, we invite you to set up a monthly direct debit as this will help us to continue to pay our staff monthly.


Baby Elephant Group is ethical, sustainable, and creative with a leadership mission in ethical, responsible, and sustainable tourism, maintaining excellent standards, while developing innovations in the hospitality and tourism industries.

We provide sustainable job opportunities for people from backgrounds of extreme hardship. Baby Elephant Group is a cross-section of consumer-facing products and services with social impact in an industry with low barriers to entry. 

COVID-19 has shown us agility is key to meeting the challenges of the post-covid economy.

 Baby Elephant focuses on innovation, protecting and creating jobs for the future, we can continue to keep the doors open, our team can continue to rise.