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Our Commitment

We are dedicated to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact in Siem Reap and Cambodia. We are always working towards our Go Green! vision. These are our commitments:

  • Increasing our green knowledge 
  • Reducing the amount of waste our company produces 
  • Measurably reducing our hotel’s carbon footprint 
  • Identifying and working towards more sustainable practices 

We take monthly steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Achievements to date include: 

  • Saltwater pool to reduce chemical useage
  • Freshly-prepared a la carte breakfast instead of buffet to reduce food wastage
  • Used cooking oil donated to Naga Earth to make bio-diesel
  • Used glass and plastic bottles, cardboard and aluminium recycled
  • Food scraps fed to farm animals
  • Scrap industrial materials kept and reused
  • Single-use plastic and styrofoam being phased out
  • Towel and water policy in place
  • Neighbourhood team clean up days
  • Training programs in place for our staff (most recently healthy food training and a plastic-free workshop with Plastic Free Cambodia)
  • Green policy worked into employee roles and responsibilities
  • Focus on locally-sourced food with made-from-scratch sauces and spice pastes
  • Menu full of vegetarian and vegan options
  • Bicycles available for hire from the White Bicycles charity
  • All lights being converted to low-energy LED lights
  • Glass bottles instead of plastic in rooms, and free water refill stations for guests
  • Bamboo straws instead of plastic for drinks
  • Draft beer instead of cans to reduce aluminum waste
  • Use of suppliers including tailors, laundry, and drinks who live locally to reduce fuel consumption and benefit the local community
  • NEW: Reusable boxes for takeaway breakfasts

We are a social enterprise in a developing country. We know we still have steps to achieving complete sustainability, but with limited resources it all takes time. We remain steadfastly committed to reaching our sustainability goals. We thank you for your support as we work with our team towards meeting them!