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Hotel News  - March 16, 2021

International Women’s Day Facebook Live with Baby Elephant Group co-founder Ilana Tulloch

Watch: An uplifting Facebook Live with Baby Elephant co-founder Ilana Tulloch who is joined by food & beverage division, and receptionist trainee Keng, and Front Office division receptionist Pisey. Keng supports her extended family on one single income, often keeping no more than $10 a month for her own needs. Pisey is an orphan who has learned how to survive on her own and wants to inspire other women with her journey of resilience.

Live from the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel garden Ilana, Keng, and Pisey discuss International Women’s Day 2021, and their work at Baby Elephant Group.

By talking not just internally to the Baby Elephant team about what they want from their employment and training. They also share inspiration with you, our Baby Elephant krousair (family). Hopefully inspiring you with some discussion about support and opportunities for people experiencing poverty due to Covid-19.

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  • What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
  • What does Choose to Challenge mean to you?
  • How has the pandemic affected your life?
  • How have you watched Baby Elephant survive and thrive despite the Covid-19 crisis?
  • What has inspired you about this journey?

Comment below and stay connected while we navigate the ongoing tourism crisis and fight to save jobs in Cambodia.

About Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

Little social venture Baby Elephant Group has welcomed guests to the Kingdom of Wonder as family for nearly 6 years. One year ago, COVID-19 closed borders, and everything changed overnight. With no safety net, the hotel is fighting to save the jobs of the Baby Elephant team, whose families have all lost their jobs and rely on them. With one income often needing to feed an extended family. Until tourism returns, we are asking for your support to sponsor our staff to empower us to survive and thrive.

You can join the fight! Help them find a new revenue stream by buying tickets for this espresso machine fundraiser, or by donating to our Heartprint tax-deductible fundraiser to keep people working until tourism returns.

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