In My Name Silver

Bespoke Custom Jewellery in Khmer Lettering
In My Name Silver specialises in sterling silver and brass keepsakes. With a workshop at Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel, you can order custom jewellery from the Baby Elephant team, browse ready-to-wear pieces in our Mini Shop, or book a silversmith workshop with founder and jeweller Claire Barker.

Silver and brass jewellery designed from the sounds of your name in Khmer, a Khmer word that is important to you, or Khmer numbers.

At Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel you can now find individualised jewellery, handcrafted in imported sterling silver or from brass.

Commemorate an anniversary or birthday with a bespoke piece of jewellery and a fantastic reminder of your time in Cambodia or make a special gift for a friend or loved one.

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In My Name silversmith Claire trained in the UK at Portsmouth College of Art, later receiving an honours degree in 3D design at Manchester Metropolitan University. Claire is training young Cambodians to be jewellers.

You can see her workshop and buy jewellery at Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

We’re thrilled to have Claire and the In My Name Silver studio operating from Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel!
Ilana Tulloch

Director of Marketing, Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

Commission Your Own Jewellery

The beautiful Khmer script evolved from Sanskrit. While staying at Baby Elephant you can commission a British sterling silver jewellery piece, intricately handcrafted in Khmer lettering. This can be done from the sound of your name, or from the translation of a word that is important to you. We also have a family collection, with words like “Mother”, “Sister”, “Dream”, “Peace” and more.

Workshop Classes

10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4pm.

Learn how to make your own sterling silver band ring in our jewellery workshop located on site at Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel and then wear it home. Please note: these classes are not in Khmer lettering, but in foundational silversmithing skills. Classes are for a maximum of 2 people.
We apologise that classes aren’t currently available.

Shop Silver & Brass

MINI-SHOP OPEN: 7am – 10pm 7 days
At the Baby Elephant Mini-Shop you can purchase ready-to-wear hand-crafted jewellery in meaningful Khmer words. A great reminder of your time in Cambodia. Take home a piece of jewellery designed from a specially-chosen range of Khmer words, chakra pendants and more. Our poolside bar is also open all day until 11pm, so you can enjoy dinner or a drink while you visit.