Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel’s mission

What We Do Matters!

The Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel mission is to be the leading independent boutique hotel in Siem Reap creating rewarding and memorable cultural experiences for our valued guests. We provide premium budget and affordable luxury accommodation alongside all the facilities and services of an international hotel.

We are committed to providing an inclusive, family-friendly and LGBT-welcoming hotel which is a dynamic, creative and nourishing space for all guests. Our sustainable and ethical business model is focused on generating career and training opportunities for our team of Cambodian staff.

Equitable employment

We employee 23 Cambodian staff at Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel. Our staff have overcome hardships, working extremely hard to become amazing professionals and we are very proud of our team. They support their families with the salaries they take home and as such we take pride in our responsibility to provide them excellent employment, education and professional development opportunities. Our staff are on competitive salaries, are provided healthy nutritious (delicious) meals at work, are entitled to fair work hours, are given fair vacation time and are on savings plans. We also offer bonuses and incentive programs, as well as add money on to their tips each month. So to the guests who stay with us – thank you! We would not be able to offer this without your support.

Sustainable environment

We have undergone an energy efficiency audit from a leading Australian environmental scientist, and we are in the process of implementing the recommendations. Initiatives include:

  • regular cleanup days
  • refillable glass water bottles in all rooms
  • water stations throughout the hotel for guests and staff to use
  • recycling projects
  • organic kitchen garden
  • LED lights throughout the hotel for better energy efficiency
  • bicycles available for clean environmentally-friendly travel (with rental fee collected and donated to The White Bicycles foundation
  • focus on vegan and vegetarian meals
  • focus on locally-sourced ingredients
  • training for our staff about the environment and our impact


Responsible tourism and orphanage policy

‘Prioritizing the protection of children and keeping families together’

We are passionate about responsible tourism and as such we do not promote orphanage visits. We believe the best way for tourists and travellers to support vulnerable children and their families is to support vocational training and community-based initiatives, rather than visiting an orphanage directly. At the heart of our belief is prioritizing the protection of children and keeping families together. Please read more at

What you can do when you visit in Siem Reap

Enjoy your vacation!

Your visit and engagement at Baby Elephant provides our staff with skills development and allows us to continue to provide 25 ethical jobs. Consider doing a community visit with a responsible tour company, or organise your own with the experienced team at Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel. We also recommend checking out ChildSafe Cambodia, one organisation working with tourism businesses to educate them about not just orphanage tourism but also the sexual exploitation of children for tourism. They are a subsidiary of Friends International, who run a variety of fantastic social enterprise organisations in Siem Reap.

Sex tourism policy

childsafe certifiedWe do not accept sex tourism. We have a complete ban on prostitution, escorts and outside massage therapists within the hotel.
We take our responsibility in this respect very seriously. More than one third of the people connected with sex tourism in Cambodia are under 18 and are victims of abuse and trafficking. The Baby Elephant team is ChildSafe Certified and very clear about this rule.

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