Our New Name

Dear Valued Guests and Community,

We are currently updating the hotel’s name from Rumahmu Boutique Hotel to Baby Elephant. We’re a small team so this will happen gradually.

We hope you’ll enjoy accompanying us on this journey as we grow and change!

Over the next month you will notice some changes happening as we move towards embracing Baby Elephant. Our helpful team will remain in place and will continue to provide the same exceptional service we are renowned for. You’ll also still be able to find us when you search Rumahmu Boutique Hotel online – so please continue to recommend us, it means a lot to us!

For some background about the hotel: Rumahmu was named in 2013 by the first and well-loved owners of the hotel, Vivi and Dennis, who have now relocated to Bali. They named the hotel Rumahmu because Vivi is Indonesian, and Rumahmu means “Your Home” in Bahasa Indonesia. Vivi and Dennis did an incredible job with this little boutique hotel and we’re grateful for their hard work and to have taken over from a couple as dedicated as they are.

Adam and Ilana lived in Indonesia for almost 3 years prior to their move to Cambodia. For this reason the significance of the name Rumahmu was not lost on them, providing a great symbolic next move after their time in Jakarta. However after discussions with majority shareholder Carmel, it was decided our name would be updated.

We felt we wanted to embrace local Khmer culture with our place, and we wanted our name to reflect that. We needed something that translated fluidly into English and Khmer. We’ve settled on a name that we love for a number of reasons, which we will reveal with time.

We hope you’ll stay tuned as we reveal some of the details about our new brand over the coming weeks. We’re a small team doing this all by ourselves – so we’ll still be Rumahmu visibly in many ways while we get everything up to speed.

And we offer our sincerest gratitude for your continued recommendations to your networks, on TripAdvisor and around the world, as it is through your support that we can continue to grow.

Stay tuned for events and promotions as we evolve..

Warm regards,

Carmel, Ilana, Adam, the Management and the entire team at Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel (formerly Rumahmu Boutique Hotel).

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